The first of its kind practice in the Intensive Therapy Rehabilitation Approach in Abu Dhabi.

  • Think Abilities not Disabilities

    Every child is special.  

    Your child’s abilities can overcome the impossibilities of their disabilities.

  • Children Are Our Future

    The children of today should be properly prepared both physically & mentally for the challenges of tomorrow.

we are here for

your child


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what make us different

Specialized for Children

All the Employees working at Emirates Advanced Rehabilitation of Children Center are specialized to work with Pediatric Rehabilitation Cases. These staffs are well-oriented and trained for all the modern Physical and Occupational Equipment we have for a safe and successful intensive rehabilitation program uniquely designed for each of the children in our care. We all have the psyche to deal and train these children effectively in an enjoyable, friendly and playful manner.  

Intensive Therapy Program

If you are earnestly and tirelessly looking for a treatment regimen that could help your kid’s condition progress to another level of functionality and independence then your child must experience our Intensive Therapy program. Each program has been uniquely designed to address the limitations of each child by incorporating the latest methods and techniques in the field of Rehabilitative Medicine. This has greatly been proven globally to have a fast-reaching and commendable results in the motor and cognitive function of most children having undergone this program.

Best Rehabilitation Equipment

Our sets of Physical and Occupational Therapy Equipment are new. These have been properly maintained in accordance to the standards set internationally. All of these equipment are especially made to easily and safely assist all of our therapists in the administration of their planned activities to achieve their sets of goals for the individual differences of each child.